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Underfloor Systems

Underfloor Systems for exhaust removal

Underfloor systems (also known as underground, under slab, in-floor or in-slab systems) capture engine exhaust fumes at the tailpipe and discharge them from the building via underground ductwork and exhaust fan. They may feature single or dual hoses or connections. Small doors in the floor open to expose the hose or inlet.


  • Simple to use.
  • Closed doors reduce loss of conditioned air.
  • Cuts floor and ceiling clutter, clearing the way for people and machinery.
  • Economical for new construction.

Self storing underfloor exhaust extraction systems

The entire length of hose is stored in the underground duct; only the portion required to reach the vehicle is pulled out.

Single Self Storing Underfloor System

Dual Self Storing Underfloor System

Non-disappearing underfloor exhaust extraction systems

Flexible hose stored above ground is connected to an inlet in the floor fixture on one end and the tailpipe on the other.

Single Non-disappearing Underfloor System

Dual Non-disappearing Underfloor System

Applications: An efficient, economical fume removal system; ideal for new construction, including garages, auto dealers, auto & motorcycle repair shops, small engine repair facilities, heavy equipment repair, schools & municipalities – anywhere carbon  monoxide, carbon dioxide, diesel smoke, nitric oxide, nitrogen oxide, oxides of sulfur & hydrocarbons pose a health hazard.

Underfloor System Accessories

Ventaire has many individual accessories available. Click here for all Underfloor Accessories.