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Portable Units

Portable fume extraction for welding shops, repair facilities, and more.

Ventaire’s Portable Fume Collectors help protect workers virtually anywhere. These mobile, state-of-the-art units remove exhaust and recirculate clean air back into the work area, eliminating the need for costly ductwork or large, inefficient make-up air systems. Collectors feature externally-supported arm with smooth-bore interior for superior suction and efficiency.


  • Captures fumes and exhaust anywhere.
  • Easy to move and store.
  • Helps contain heating and cooling expenses.
  • Ships fully assembled; just attach arm.
  • Made with high quality, heavy duty materials.
  • Designed to comply with OSHA standards for workplace safety.
Portable fume collector with cartridge filter – PORT700CF

Features easy-to-clean, reusable cartridge filter.
Portable fume collector with disposable filter – PORT700PF

Economical, with a convenient, disposable filter.
Heavy-duty fume collector with cartridge filter – PORT1200CF

For heavier jobs – or for extracting fumes from two workstations at once. Features easy-to-clean, reusable cartridge filter.


Designed for on-the-spot source capture of welding fumes and exhaust. Ideal for removing grinding dust, nonflammable fumes, smoke, and harmful airborne particulates. Also recommended for gouging, cutting, extrusion lines, plasma cutting, grinding, and more.