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Overhead Systems

Overhead Systems for Exhaust Elimination

Ventaire’s overhead exhaust ventilation systems are more effective than general ventilation systems because they are designed to capture and remove harmful emissions at the source, prior to their escape into the workplace –  before personnel are exposed to harmful fumes.

There are two kinds of overhead exhaust systems: disappearing and non-disappearing. Disappearing systems store the flexible hoses in rigid overhead ducts when not in use. Non-disappearing systems feature hoses that can be raised when not in use for the passage of vehicles, mechanics, or equipment. These sets may be controlled by wall cleat systems, pulleys, reels, telescoping assemblies, and other methods. Most work with existing ductwork and fans, though some do not require them. The overhead systems we provide can be mounted on ceilings, walls, and even doors. 


  • Easy and economical to install, especially in existing construction. 
  • Keeps the floor clear of hoses and other apparatus.
  • Scalable to work in large, industrial-sized facilities or small shops.

Simple Overhead Nondisappearing Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Flexible hose attached to an overhead duct hangs down into the service stall; can be lifted away with rope and pulley when not in use.

Telescoping Systems

When not in use, hoses telescope into one another and hang neatly over a service stall.

Door Port Systems

Simple and economical – it uses the force of a vehicle’s exhaust instead of a fan to direct exhaust fumes out of a building.

Two Bay Systems

Exhaust hose hangs into service stall, ready for use. Ideal for small shops with side-by-side stalls located near an exterior wall.

Wall Box Systems

Ideal where multiple receptacles are required, but not used at the same time. Quick connect fittings make it easy to share hose assemblies.

Overhead Systems Accessories

Ventaire has many individual accessories available. Click here for all Overhead System Accessories.