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Ceiling Mounted Mini-Fume Arm

ceilingMountedMiniFumeArmVentilating soldering gases with the Ceiling Mounted Mini Fume Arm

Designed to extract noxious soldering exhaust, laboratory fumes, and more. When mounted on the ceiling, this arm has 360° rotation, and a reach of up to 84”.


  • Easy to adjust and position.
  • Designed to comply with OSHA standards for workplace safety.
  • Made with sturdy, high quality materials.


Sturdy, lightweight aluminum tubing with polypropylene joints. Standard arm terminates in a suction tube with a swivel joint for superior positioning control. Typically connected to a rigid duct incorporating a fume collector or exhaust fan. Shipped fully assembled.

Available options

  • Standard diameters of 3″ or 4”; length up to  105”.
  • Hoods and nozzles available in a range of shapes and sizes, including transparent hood.
  • Hoods are equipped for installation of an optional halogen light.
  • Painted steel mounting brackets.
  • Inlet screen
  • Call about alternate diameters and lengths.

Ideal for removing soldering exhaust, solvent fumes, laboratory vapors, and other harmful gases in repair shops, educational facilities, arts studios, salons, and pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and research facilities.

Typical System Layout

Item Qty Model Submittal Description Alternate
1 1 CMFA328 Ceiling Mounted Mini Fume Exhaust Arm, 3″ dia. MFA-LP MFA-HOODS300

System Schematic


Operation, Installation and Maintainence Manuals
Product Guide