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Mini Fume Arms

Removing soldering fumes and more with Mini Fume Arms

Ventaire’s smaller arms are designed to extract soldering fumes from workspaces, and to ventilate laboratories, high-tech facilities, and more. Standard diameters are 3″ and 4” with a reach of up to 105”. Arms can be supplied with brackets for mounting on the wall, ceiling, or table, and fitted with a variety of specialized hoods and nozzles.


  • Easy to adjust and position.
  • Designed to comply with OSHA standards for workplace safety.
  • Made with sturdy, high quality materials.

Ceiling Mounted Mini Fume Arm

Wall Mounted Mini Fume Arm
Table Mounted Mini Fume Arm


Ideal for removing soldering exhaust, solvent fumes, laboratory gases, and other harmful fumes,  and airborne particulates. Recommended for use in educational facilities, graphic arts studios, food processing plants, salons, light welding and pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and research facilities.