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Weld Hood Drop

simpleDropWeldHoodVentilate welding exhaust economically with the Weld Hood Drop

Ventaire’s Weld Hood Drop System (known as a simple hose drop system or a single hose drop) is an economical way to capture welding fumes at the source. System includes a flexible, flame-retardant NG hose and a moveable inlet hood with inlet screen and a magnetic base for easy attachment to a welding bench or work piece.


  • Economical and effective.
  • Easy to use and position.
  • Made in the USA with high quality, heavy duty materials.
  • Designed to comply with OSHA standards for workplace safety.


Flexible, flame-retardant NG tubing is attached to an existing rigid overhead duct (incorporating a fume collector or exhaust fan) and allowed to hang down to the welding bench or table. Conical weld hood features a magnet for hood placement, an inlet screen, and a handle for ease of use.

Available options

  • The weld hood is available in galvanized steel (standard), stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum.
  • Non-standard sizes and configurations available.
  • Inlet hoods can be furnished with an integral quadrant damper for controlling airflow
  • All hoods are equipped for installation of an optional halogen light and/or on/off switch for exhaust fan control.
  • Add overhead boom for extra reach.


Designed for removing welding exhaust, and for ventilation for flame cutting, torching, and plasma cutting. Also Ideal for removing grinding dust and other harmful airborne particulates from industrial and repair facilities.

Typical System Layout

Item Qty Model Submittal Description Alternate
1 1 WH60 Weld Hood, Galvanized Steel, 3″ to 10″ dia. WH60P-Blue
2 1 QDG Quadrant Damper, 2″ to 10″ dia (Galv. or S.S.)  
3 1 NG Flame Retardant Hose Welding Hose
4 1 BC Hose Clamp (Bridged) HC
5 1 ASSM   Factory Assembly Charge  

System Schematic
Weld Hood Drop


Operation, Installation and Maintainence Manuals
Product Guide – Weld Drop