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NHOR – Horizontal Fume Collector without Blower

nhorFumeCollectorFume collection with the Horizontal Fume Collector without Blower (NHOR)

Composed of a series of enclosed filters custom-designed to capture smoke, dust, and other particulates in almost any workspace. Designed to be ducted to a remote mounted exhaust fan.


  • Versatile: can be placed in a location independent of fan.
  • Made in the USA with high quality, heavy duty materials.
  • Designed to comply with OSHA standards for workplace safety.


Unit includes a hinged door to provide access to the filters. The construction of the filter unit facilitates connection to rigid ductwork.


  • Made to order with a range of sizes and configurations available.
  • Can be furnished with spark arrestors, metal pre-filter, panel filters, HEPA filters, carbon filters, and many other types of filters.


Ideal for existing systems where air filtration is needed, and for use with new systems where a central or remote fan is used for single or multiple welding stations. Designed to remove welding fumes, dust, particulates, smoke, and other pollutants from workspaces of all kinds, including manufacturing facilities, schools, laboratories, R&D facilities, workshops, studios, and more. Ideal for use with new or existing duct systems. Not appropriate for removing vehicle exhaust.

Typical System Layout

Item Qty Model Submittal Description Alternate
1 1 NHOR Filtering system without exhaust fan  

System Schematic


Operation, Installation and Maintainence Manuals