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Fume Arms

Capturing welding fumes at the source with Fume Extractor Arms

Ventaire’s high-performance Fume Extractor Arms capture welding exhaust and other fumes anywhere within the working radius of the arm. Fume Arms can be mounted on the wall for 180° pivot or the ceiling or rotating booms for 360° movement. Lightweight engineering allows for easy positioning at the source.  


  • Can be mounted on wall, ceiling, or boom.
  • Engineered for easy handling and positioning.
  • Made with high quality, spark-resistant materials.
  • Designed to comply with OSHA standards for workplace safety.

Self-Supporting Fume Extractor Arm

High-performance, externally supported arm with smooth-bore interior for superior suction; mount on wall, ceiling, or boom. Capable of 360° rotation.

Wall Mounted Fume Extractor Arm

Our most economical fume arm with integral wall mounting bracket and externally supported, flame-retardant NG hose. Capable of 180° rotation.

Externally Supported Fume Extractor Arm

Air flows efficiently through an obstruction-free, flame-retardant NG hose. Mount on wall, ceiling, or boom. Capable of 360° rotation.
Internally Supported Fume Extractor Arm

Concealed internal linkage supports arm’s flexible, flame-retardant NG hose. Can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or boom. Capable of 360° rotation.


Designed for extracting welding gases and exhaust, and to remove grinding dust and particulates (carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, lead, and more). Also recommended for the source capture of most chemical fumes, smoke, and other harmful airborne particulates. Other applications include gouging, cutting, extrusion lines, plasma cutting, torching, grinding, and more.