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Exhaust Fans

Sturdy, dependable exhaust fans are a central part of any ventilation system. We provide a comprehensive line of AMCA labeled fans in all pressure ranges, plus a wide selection of air distribution system components to meet virtually any requirement.


  • Sturdy, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.
  • Made in the USA with high quality, heavy duty materials.
  • Designed to comply with OSHA standards for workplace safety.

Belt Drive Utility Vent Set (UVS)

Backward-inclined fans with non-overloading wheels in a range of sizes.

Direct Drive Volume Blower (PW)

Sturdy, cast aluminum, radial blade blowers in a steel housing in a range of sizes.

Backward Inclined Direct Drive Fan (BIDD)

Lightweight aluminum blade backward-inclined fans with non-overloading wheels in sturdy steel housing; range of sizes.

Direct Drive Radial/Backward Inclined Blade Blower (TPD)

Range of lightweight aluminum blowers in cast aluminum housing.
Inline Belt Drive Fan (TSL)

Selection of inline centrifugal fans covering various air flow and pressure ranges in different sizes.


Our fans are designed to be used wherever contaminated air needs to be moved through filters or extracted from indoor spaces. Recommended for industrial, educational, repair, research, maintenance, and manufacturing facilities.