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Hose Reels

HRSB – Hose Reel Swivel Boom

Extracting exhaust fumes with the Hose Reel Swivel Boom Ventaire’s heavy duty Hose Reel Swivel Boom (HRSB) is strong enough to hold a motorized or spring retraction hose reel. Boom can be mounted on a wall or overhead, increasing the coverage range up to 360° and allowing large or multiple bays to be serviced by a single reel.  BenefitsVery economical.Adds reach and range to hose reel systems.Keeps floors clear of …Read More

TMHR – Motorized Hose Reel

Patented garage exhaust removal with the Motorized Hose Reel Ventaire’s safe, easy-to-operate Motorized Hose Reel (TMHR) utilizes a patented configuration with a tubular, direct-drive motor to raise and lower exhaust hose to exact increments. Fully automated and ideal with hoses of extra length or diameter, or where the apparatus would be difficult to reach. A heavy duty motor is mounted inside the hose reel drum for protection from the workspace …Read More

HRA Automatic Hose Reel

Easy, economical exhaust extraction with the Spring Retraction Hose Reel Ventaire’s Spring Retraction Hose Reel (HRA)  – also known as a spring recoil, retractable, or spring-driven hose reel – is powered by drive springs and works like a window shade; it can be pulled down until its ratcheting mechanism locks to the desired height, allowing a worker to connect the hose to a tailpipe or stack pipe for safe exhaust …Read More