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Welding-Fume Extraction

RB – Roto-Boom for Welding/Fume Extraction

Extending a welding exhaust systems with a Roto BoomThe Ventaire Roto Boom (RB; known also as a swivel boom) allows users to position a fume arm or weld hood drops in multiple locations for the removal of welding fumes and smoke, grinding exhaust, and more. Depending upon mounting location, the swivel permits 360° rotation.  BenefitsExtends the reach and range of fume elimination systems.Works with limited wall space, multiple benches, and …Read More

EXB – Extension Boom for Welding/Fume Extraction

Extracting welding fumes with Ventaire’s Extension Boom Ventaire’s compact and convenient Extension Boom (EXB) allows users to make a welding arm or overhead weld hood drop available to multiple work stations, with lengths of 5′ to 20′. Boom includes a bracket allowing 180° rotation from wall, and can also feature a center swivel providing nearly unlimited coverage within that radius.BenefitsExtends the reach and range of fume arms and hood drops.Made in …Read More