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Vehicle Exhaust

EXB – Extension Boom for Vehicle Exhaust Removal

Safe Vehicle Exhaust Removal with Extension Booms Ventaire’s compact and convenient Extension Boom (EXB) includes a bracket allowing 180° rotation from wall, and can also feature a center swivel providing nearly unlimited coverage within that radius. An ACR cable reel and pull kit allows the user to maneuver the boom and raise and lower the hose.BenefitsIncreased range of motion and coverage area.Compact size ideal for lower ceilings.Handy for maintenance of …Read More

Roto Boom with ACR Cable Reel for Vehicle Exhaust Removal (RB)

The Ventaire Roto Boom (RB) – known also as a swivel boom – allows users to position an overhead drop hose in multiple locations for the removal of hazardous gases from workspaces. Can be mounted on wall or overhead, with up to 360° rotation. ACR cable reel and pull kit allows user to maneuver boom and raise and lower hose.BenefitsVery economical.Extends the reach and range of exhaust elimination systems.Maneuvers above …Read More